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    Functional food NUTRILANS

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    Enjoy different flavours of Nutrilans: Chocolate,Cinnamon,Ginger... 


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How should it be consumed?

Nutrilans   is produced in three flavours: cinnamon, ginger, and chocolate

Nutrilans­– products mix with fruit juice, tea, fruit or plain yogurt.

Minimum two – filled  to the top – tablespoons of  this product is mixed with

Apr. 2-3 dl of  liquids. Wait apr. 10 minutes for the mixture to swell.

We recommend intake 2  meals per  day.

Nutrilans meals prepared in this way can be served as breakfast, dinner or snack.

How many harmful substances does it have?

The dietary mixture Nutrilans  is “all natural”product and  does not contain :

Additives,  chemicals,  artificial preservatives, sweeteners  flavours and colors.

Packing: Boxes, min. 400 g   Shelf life : 2 years               

Energy: max. 296 kcal / 100g    ( Law Calory Food )   

Packing: Boxes, min. 400 g

Product of: "  Functional Food Roksandic " d.o.o. – Belgrade,Serbia   

GMO  Free

Rich Source  of Fibers   and  Omega – 3 s'

Good  Source of  Protein  and   Antioxidans !