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Weight loss with Nutrilans

Weight  loss .This product is low in calories, and dietary  fibres swell within the stomach and by doing so satiate the consumer and influence slower passage of food through the stomach.By consuming only 4  full tablespoons a day (divided in two meals) you might  lose from 5 to 7 kg  a month - without “yoyo” effect !

Constipation and meteorism – Solves them efficiently, plus eliminates internal and external hemorrhoids.

Gallstone – (particularly in women) are largely melting, i.e. dissolving already after 9 weeks of consumption (proof: echo record – before and after Nutrilans consumption).

Herpes – "herpes zoster" and “herpes simplex" for example does not occur anymore in most of consumers after 6 weeks of consumption!

Diabetes I and II – All diabetics, both those depending on Insulin (Diabetes I) and those who are not depending on Insulin (Diabetes II) can freely consume Nutrilans meals. It has    extremely    low  levels of glucose, owing to the fact that it does not contain  ingredients which "raise" the level of glucose  in blood (e.g. raisins) or any added sugar! Nutrilans is successfully   preventing the occurrence of hyper - and hypoglycemia owing to its components (dietary fibres without any added sugar)!